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We develop and produce custom batteries according to your projects needs. From development to production, edm.batteries has been creating a wide range of solutions for our clients.

Our batteries include custom BMS (Battery Management System), electronics, and case. We make sure our solution integrates perfectly with your project.

Custom Batteries

A EDMTECH produz baterias de lítio totalmente costumizáveis e adaptadas às necessidades do cliente.

The Best Brands

We use only the best brands on production. Price and quality are always a important variables on a project. Made in the EU.

Quality Control

We have quality control at every stage of production making sure we deliever the best possible product.

Based in Portugal

Our location allows for better project follow-up, phased deliveries and after sales service.

IoT Development

Our accumulated knowledge in electronics allows for IoT solutions which optimize for battery use.


Battery Management System

The BMS (Battery Management System) is the electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery. It is responsible for data communication on charging, voltage, temperature, current, battery health, lifecycles, etc. It is an integral part of a battery and we develop and produce a complete and integrated solution.

Focus Areas

EDMTECH works in different but intersecting fronts, maximizing its know-how, partnerships and synergies created throughout the years.


Send us a message, we promise to answer back as soon as we can. We might have the solution for you.

Case Studies

Our Case Studies are detailed explorations of different projects we worked on, what we created in the end and how.

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